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About Our Mobile Program

  • Every week, your Gymstar instructor brings a new obstacle course of brightly colored equipment to your facility.

  • Progressive lesson plans offer new skills week after week keeping our students excited and engaged.

  • ​All of our instructors are fully trained and enrolled in the State of Oregon Criminal History Registry.

  • We are fully insured with safety as our number one concern

GYMSTARS is an exciting class offering gymnastics, exercise, and dance to children ages 2 & up.  We bring the FUN to you allowing your facility the opportunity to offer a safe, fun, and beneficial extra-curricular program to your students.  Parents love that we offer gymnastics and dance all in one class at one location and appreciate your facility for bringing the class to their children.  Our program is very successful with both the students and their parents at our
current locations.  We have been in business since 2000 in the Portland area.  Many of our schools and centers have been with us for years with students training with us year after year.

The children will tiptoe on the balance beam, roll down the cheese mat, and cartwheel over the rainbow!  Our obstacle course is filled with fun, bright equipment, giving children many opportunities to challenge their skills in a safe, comfortable, encouraging environment.  Each 35 minute class incorporates body health through stretching, jumping, running, and good old fashioned exercise!  Playful choreographed music teaches dance and rhythm through hip-hop, jazz, and tap.  Some benefits are:


  • hand-eye coordination

  • motor planning

  • self confidence

  • group cooperation

Call today to schedule a FREE demo class for your facility!



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