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Summer Camps 2024

Enrollment Begins:

March 18th: If you sign up for all 10 camps.

April 1st: If you pick and choose camps.

Each year, Gymstars Summer Camps offer fun, safe, and educational camps for children ages 3-8 years old.  
Partner with Gymstars this summer to keep your kids active and healthy.   Activities include arts & crafts, fitness class, hands on learning, games, sensory activities, imaginative play and more! 


Camp Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday



WK 1: June 18,19,20    "Music Makers”

WK 2: June 25,26,27    “Little Chefs”

WK 3: July 2,3,4          “Mickey & Minnie Magic”

WK 4: July 9,10,11       “Pet Shop Pals”

WK 5: July 16, 17, 18.   “Going Green”

WK 6: July 23,24,25      “Shark Week"

WK 7: July/Aug 30,31,1 “Olympic Games”

WK 8: Aug 6,7,8            “Silly Science”

WK 9: Aug 13,14,15      “Tropical Paradise”

WK 10: Aug 20,21,22    “Dozer Days”


$120.00 week by week or all 10 weeks for $100/a week.

***Limited Spaces Available***

How Do I Register?  
To register, simply click the link below to print out the registration form and return it with your payment.  Payments are due at the time of registration.  


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