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Accepting Applications for September Enrollment

All-Stars: The All-Ability Program 


After over ten years of offering preschool in Gresham with an emphasis on gross motor skills and sensory development, Gymstars now offers the area's only private special needs program.


This will be ideal for preschool-aged children who have special needs such as: 

-Developmental delays

-Speech, language and communication needs
-Sensory and auditory processing disorders

-Autism spectrum disorder

-Down syndrome


Our Program
~Experienced teaching staff including a teaching assistants and a parent advocate

~A qualified and experienced Special Needs Coordinator
~Small class sizes to meet individual student needs
~Sensory integration
~Fine motor skills development 
~Gross motor skills development (MOVEMENT MOVEMENT MOVEMENT)
~Practicing real life skills
~Making good choices
~Community integration
~Fostering independence 
~A judgement-free zone: We want our families to know they have a place where they fit in and where their child will enjoy a positive and productive learning environment.


What Are the Days and Times?

We admit 2 All Stars into each class along with 8-10 typical peers.  Please see: Preschool, Schedules & Rates for days & times.


Is This Right for My Child? How Do I Sign Up?

Call our office to schedule a meeting with our team of to see if our All-Stars Program is the right fit for your child.



Registration Fee (non-refundable): $75.00

Supply Fee:  $25.00



2 days/wk: $300.00/mo or $3000.00/yr

3 days/wk: $400.00/mo or $4000.00/yr

4 days/wk: $500.00/mo or $5000.00/yr

Why does it cost more for my child that has special needs to attend the All Stars program?

The difference in cost covers the additional staff and resources required to help your child be successful in preschool.  Our staff creates individual goals for your child whether it be potty training, social integration, fine/gross motor development, sensory integration, etc.  We work closely with MECP as your child can receive services at school and we host all meetings with MECP.  You also have access to a variety of resources such as trainings and our parent advocate.

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